Sinfonia Listening 10/20/17

Directions: Please comment below with a MINIMUM of 2 positive comments and 3 constructive comments FROM EACH PIECE. (Eine Kleine, Shell Adagio, and Capriol Suite).  Be sure that your name is on the comment.

Your constructive comments should be specific and include measure numbers. 

Musical elements to think about:  Tone quality, Intonation, Rhythm, Articulations, Ensemble, Balance. Consider the orchestra as a whole and also specific sections (Violin 1, cello, etc.)

Sample Format for your answers…

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Positive Comments:



Constructive Comments:





Constructive Comment Example:  “The section from measures 34-49 is out of tune and not together.”

14 thoughts on “Sinfonia Listening 10/20/17”

  1. Natasha Havanur

    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    Positive Comments:

    1. We counted well and stayed together.

    2. The sound was loud and followed the dynamics.

    Constructive Comments:

    1. Intonation at the very beginning of the piece in the first violin section needs a little bit of work.

    2. We need to work on making our bow strokes a little shorter as a whole. They sound too long.

    3. Cellos at 1:51 were slightly out of tune!

    Shell Adagio
    Positive Comments:

    1. Beginning had a really nice lead in! I could hear the vibrato too 🙂

    2. Crescendos are very nicely played.

    Constructive Comments:

    1. The measures at 1:12 need some work with counting. Some are rushing and some are moving too slowly.

    2. Counting and intonation becomes an issue a little after 1:20, we need to work on staying together.

    3. At 1:34 intonation needs a lot of work. Lots of us are too flat.

    Capriole First Movement
    Positive Comments:

    1. Started off strong and loud with lots of confidence.

    2. Dynamics in this piece are fantastic.

    Constructive Comments:

    1. At 0:38 there were some intonation errors.

    2. 1:17 also has lots of intonation errors due to the high notes.

    3. Lots of open strings! We need to avoid that.

    Capriole Second Movement- Pavane
    Positive Comments:

    1. Cellos in the beginning sounded really good!


    Constructive Comments:

    1. We need to avoid open strings!

    2. Intonation in the seconds section needs a lot of work.

    3. Towards the end someone’s bow seemed to be hopping. We need to hold one long bow.


    Eine Kliene
    Positive Comments:
    1. We had a good crescendo around 00:47 and 2:39
    2. Violas and Cellos sound better than before at 1:27

    Constructive Comments:
    1. The beginning was not together, and everyone was not in unison.
    2. There were some intonation problems heard from the cellos and violins after the beginning.
    3. There were dynamic problems such as the fact that barely anyone went down to piano at 00:26.
    4. When playing the main openings (00:00 and 1:57), the music was not crisp and clean.
    5. Violas work on spiccato.

    Shell Adagio
    Positive Comments:
    1. Intonation in the beginning was not bad.
    2. Violins had a good crescendo to 1:12
    3. Good entrance bases (2:58)
    4. I don’t think there was rushing from 3:06 – 3:26

    Constructive Comments:
    1. The violas were too fast and rushed quarter notes from (00:32 -00:35).
    2. The pizzicato was not together starting at 1:12.
    3. Violins should work on their high notes at 1:13 (and other places too).
    4. Violas were out of tune after pizzicato.
    5. I don’t think we were all together at 2:52.
    6. Violins should work on notes at 4:02

    Capriol Suite First Movement
    Positive Comments:
    1. Everyone seemed to be in tune at the beginning.
    2. Everyone after the the violins were together and in tune at 00:43.
    3. Violins’ high notes were in tune and together around 1:43.

    Constructive Comments:
    1. Rough entrance at 00:18 (we should be more together).
    2. Violins at 00:38 with the melody were not in tune compared to the violins in the beginning.
    3. Violins were not in tune and clear around 1:47

    Capriol Second Movement: Pavane
    Positive Comments:
    1. 00:16 was a strong and firm entrance by cellos and violas.
    2. 00:45 I heard the b natural which is good.
    3. The passing off of the quarter note and eighth note eighth note was good and maintained.

    Constructive Comments:
    1. Violins seemed a little shaky at 00:53.
    2. Notes that were not tuned were heard at 1:06.
    3. Notes were not tuned around 1:53.
    4. Cellos were shaky around 2:13.

  3. Eine Kleine:
    Good dynamics measures 11-18
    Crisp endings, phrase beginnings ad endings are evident
    Syncopated rhythm out of tune 24 first violins
    Rhythm not as clean as it could be (violin I) measure 52
    High B not in tune first violins measure 83
    Chromatic passage 108 could be better in tune
    Shell Adagio:
    Good balance between sections
    Pizz between seconds and lower strings 75 was very precise
    Rhythm not super precise violin II measure 13
    Cover open E strings!
    First violins cover second violins 63
    Capriol Movement I:
    Divisi violin I starting 8 measures before C stood out a lot
    Accents were very distinct from the other notes
    First measure could be more in tune all sections
    Main melody being downed out 9 measure before A
    C to end, upper notes are kinda squeaky
    Capriol Movement II:
    Opening section violin I very together
    A – B well in tune
    B flats are sometimes sharper than they should be
    Couldn’t hear main melody 10 before A
    Pay closer attetion to dynamics (especially decrescendos measure 25-27)

  4. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik:
    Positive Comments:
    1. Crescendos are well done
    2. Stayed together for the most part throughout the song
    Constructive Comments:
    1. Intonation at beginning for Violin 1
    2. Counting during middle of the song
    3. Bass intonation at 03:48

    Shell Adagio:
    Positive Comments:
    1. Last note was really nice
    2. Crescendo was done well by violins
    Constructive Comments:
    1. Beginning of first pizzicato section the violas were not together
    2. Towards the beginning, we were having trouble staying together
    3. 02:30 work on intonation

    Capriole First Movement:
    Positive Comments:
    1. Dynamics were good throughout
    2. Ended together
    Constructive Comments:
    1. Towards end, high notes work on bowing/intonation
    2. Intonation problems at 0:40
    3. Entrance at 0:17 was not together

    Capriole Second Movement:
    Positive Comments:
    1. Good entrance by cellos at beginning
    2. Together for high notes at 1:32
    Constructive Comments:
    1. Not together at 0:54
    2. Shaky bowing by violins at 2:10
    3. Poor intonation in the later parts of the piece

  5. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

    Positive Comments:

    1. Good beginning chord.

    2. Good intonation for first violins on measure 28.

    Constructive Comments:

    1. On measure 11, the whole orchestra needs to quiet down more to show dynamics.

    2. Measure 73 and other measures like this need to be more clear.

    3. Out of tune violins on measure 83.

    Shell Adagio

    Positive Comments:

    1. Overall, good intonation

    2. Bass entry on 47 was strong.

    Constructive Comments:

    1. Weak start for 1st violins

    2. Measure 16 is out of tune for 1st and 2nd violins

    3. Rhythm issues- measure 17 for first violins

    Basse-Danse (Capriol Suite 1st Movement)

    Positive Comments:

    1. Whole section sounds good on C

    2. Strong ending

    Constructive Comments:

    1. Not together when starting

    2. Melody on A needs to play louder

    3. Tune B-flat on measure B

    Pavane (Capriol Suite Second Movement)

    Positive Comments:

    1. Measure 4- whole section was together

    2. Good start on section B

    Constructive Comments:

    1. violins out of tune on measure 7

    2. need to work on dynamics

    3. Last four measures were out of tune.

  6. Eine kleine Nachmusik
    Good rhythm
    Good dynamics
    Violins need to be more articulate at 00:43
    Violas need more of a presence through the piece
    Watch for cut offs at 2:01
    Shell adagio
    Good dynamics
    Good ending
    Violins need to have better rhythm at 1:15
    Firsts need better intonation at 2:18
    Everyone needs better articulation at 2:46
    Capriol Suite
    1: good intonation in the first one
    2: great energy
    Needs better balance( chellos overpowering seconds)
    Firsts need better intonation at 1:46
    They also need better rhythm at 1:52

    Nice ending
    Good balance

  7. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    positive comments:
    1) For the most part we were together for the first 4 measures (expected)
    2)we had a strong ending

    Constructive comments:
    1)we need to pay more attention to dynamics
    2)listen to other sections! (don’t over play when you have piano)
    3)Make sure counting is precise around measures 50-56
    Shell Adagio
    Positive comments:
    1)the ending pizz was beautiful
    2)measure 55 sounds good all together

    Constructive comments:
    1)measures 1-9 are NOT together (the 1st violins need to start together)
    2)For the 1st violins (need to work on measures 43 & 63)
    3)measure 27 is completely out of tune for the 1st violins along with measure 35
    Capriol Suite (movement 1)
    Positive comments:
    1)for the most part we were in tune aside
    2)Letter A sounded decent

    Constructive comments:
    1)the first violins are a bit out of tune in a couple of measures around letter B
    2)We need to be more crisp when ending measures
    3)There isn’t much balance (everyone seems to just be playing “FF”)
    Capriol Suite (movement 2)
    Positive comments:
    1) we ended together kinda
    2) A was in tune and together

    Constructive comments:
    1)The begging was not together at all
    2)1st violins at measures 6-9 were completely out of tune
    3)Innotation needs work for sure throughout majority of this movement

  8. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    1. strong entry
    2. evident dynamic contrast at 20
    1. intonation was a little off til measure 11
    2. more dynamic contrast at measure 11
    3. 8th notes did not get quieter at measure 14
    Shell Adagio
    1. intonation has improved from the concert
    2. vibrato
    1. 16ths and 32nds in places like 13 and 19 could be more together
    2. we rushed at points like 19
    3. pizz was rushed at points like 22
    Capriol Suite
    1. together
    2. rhythm was good
    1. b flats were out of tune in Pavane
    2. quarter notes in Basse-Danse could be shorter
    3. in Basse-Danse 13 measures after C it began to sound messy

  9. Pareesa Pirouzbakht
    Eine Klein’s
    1) We counted well through measures 1-13.
    2) The dynamics in 1-5 were loud so people could hear the change.
    1)The 1st violins needs to work on their positioning throughout the piece.
    2) Have more dynamics throughout the piece.
    3) Add more emphasis on notes rather than playing the same time throughout the piece.

    She’ll Adagio:
    1) The beginning had a pretty vibrato.
    2) The dynamics are ok.
    1) Rushing throughout the piece.
    Needs more intonation especially in .32-.36.
    2) Intonation can be improved through 1.10.
    3) Everyone needs to count so nobody rushes from 1:10 on.

    Cabriole 1st:
    1) At .18 when everyone started it was loud.
    2) After .23 we started to come together.
    1) At .18 when we all started it wasn’t together.
    2) At .27 some violins are out of tune.
    3) At 1.21 it seems the violins are out of tune.

  10. Ishita Sharma
    Eine Kleine
    Positive comments:
    1. Dynamics were really good throughout the piece.
    2. The bowing was adjusted throughout which helped with the clearness of the piece. (Like the second violin part at 00:16-00:27
    Constructive Comments:
    1. The beginning of the piece was not played together (00:08-00:14)
    2. There were intonation issues in the violin sections (00:16-00:27).
    3. Still “hitting” the note at 00:35 rather than gracefully playing.
    Shell Adagio
    Positive comments:
    1.Very strong and confident beginning with good intonation
    2.Strong ending, played together and in tune.
    Constructive Comments:
    1. Strong beginning
    2. Note transitions at 00:50 are not completely together so it is not very clear.
    3.Intonation is very poor in the first violin section at 1:28
    Capriole First Movement
    Positive comments:
    1. There were good dynamics throughout the piece.
    2. Bowing was short which kept the notes clear and concise.
    Constructive Comments:
    1. There are too many open strings throughout the piece that should be fourth fingers.
    2. Violins need to play louder throughout the piece.
    3. At 1:15 the violins seem to just fade away, once again, need to play out more.
    Capriole Second Movement
    Positive comments:
    1. Violas’ had a beautiful entrance with good intonation. They were so together that it sounded like one.
    2. Everyone was together and in tune at 00:39
    Constructive Comments:
    1.Violins came in a little nervously at 00:20 which caused the orchestra to sound slightly out of tune.
    2. At 00:27, the violins were out of tune .
    3.Last chord of the piece was very out of tune.

  11. Eine Kleine
    – The ending was together and strong
    – The viola and cello measures after the fortissimo have improved since early fall
    – The violin high “E’ on the E-string was out of tune
    – The crescendo is not as emphasized
    – Small minute inconsistent intonation errors

    Shell Adagio
    – Overall it is considerably better than during early fall
    – the sixteenth notes in the 1st violin are clearer
    – The 1st violins did not come in too early unlike other times
    – There are periodical times of rushing in the first violins
    – Balance is not even (not every section can be heard)
    – Some sharps are played as naturals

    Capriol Movement 1
    – Most notes are in tune
    – Notes are short and not legato
    – Open strings are not heard
    – 2nd Violin III position on last measures- intonation errors
    – 1st and 2nd Violin melodies sound slightly different in tone
    – Scrunching at some points

    Capriol Movement 2
    – Correct pitches
    – Correct rhythm
    – No emphasis in dynamics
    – Open strings heard too many times
    – Most notes sound the same

  12. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

    Positive Comments:
    1. Overall good intonation between all sections. It really sounds like everyone is together watching and listening to both the conductor and each other.
    2. Tone overall was okay. It was very good from measures 11-18.

    Constructive Comments:
    1. All sections can work more on making their dynamics more obvious.
    2. It is very audible that we are still somewhat rushing in this piece.
    3. Need to work on tuning for certain specific notes. Specifically for the violins in measure 83.

    Shell Adagio
    Positive Comments:
    1. Throughout the piece, the crescendos are very nice and smooth while still being very effective.
    2. Intonation overall is pretty good.

    Constructive Comments:
    1. The sections that have pizzicato need to work on intonation and being together in those sections.
    2. The orchestra as a whole needs to work on specific tuning on certain notes. Especially for the violins on measure 16.
    3. Orchestra needs to work on intonation in specific parts.

    Capriol Suite 1st Movement
    Positive Comments:
    1. The ending of the piece is very good.
    2. Dynamics throughout the piece were also very good.

    Constructive Comments:
    1. Orchestra as a whole needs to work on being more in tune especially in measure 1 to start the piece off with a good sound.
    2. Orchestra as a whole needs to work on the entrance of this piece.
    3. Although dynamics are good, there needs to be more balance between each of the sections.

    Capriol Suite 2nd Movement
    Positive Comments:
    1. There was very good intonation on measure 4 between all sections of the orchestra.
    2. Cello section sounded very good in the beginning of the piece.

    Constructive Comments:
    1. All sections needs to work on the tuning of some of those really high notes.
    2. All sections needs to work on entering the piece together.
    3. All sections needs to work on ending together. It’s almost perfect.

  13. Eine Klein Nachtmusik
    1. The beginning is short and played well.
    2. The ending note is in tune and played correctly.
    1. Some people are still getting louder at 14.
    2. At 28 the notes are out of tune in the first violins.
    3. At 81, the first violins are overpowering and the violas and second violins are too quiet.
    The Shell
    1. Opening notes are in tune.
    2. 62 is done well and is played with the correct rhythms.
    1. The cellos are out of tune at 4-5.
    2. The sixteenth notes at 17 are not precise.
    3. 35 is out of tune on the fault of first violins.
    1. Seconds, violas and cellos are playing the back-up notes well.
    2. Notes are generally in tune for the entire piece.
    1. A little before C, first violins are not playing their part in tune.
    2. In general, the higher notes are out of tune.
    3. Second violins are not playing the last two measures in tune because of the third position shift.
    1. The high notes in the first violin are played in tune despite the higher position.
    2. The down-up-up rhythm is maintained throughout the whole piece and is consistent.
    1. 4-8 are out of tune.
    2. We have a tendency to rush this one because it is so simple.
    3. We aren’t really giving any regard to dynamics despite the change from mf to mp at 28.

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