Graduation – Important Security Announcement 

Students and parents:

Please note the following announcement from Verizon Wireless Amphitheater regarding heightened security measures, effective immediately.

In light of what happened in Manchester, Live Nation, the owners of Verizon Amphitheater have instituted new security measures worldwide:

· No one will be allowed to enter the premises with any backpacks or bags of any kind for any reason.

· Women may not have a purse larger than 5 x 7 and their purse will be searched.

· Cameras are allowed but not camera bags.

· If you feel you need a necessary item, place it in a clear Gallon size plastic bag or smaller.

· You will be asked to go back to your vehicle with your items if you do not adhere to these stipulations.

Thank you,

Dr. Laux 

Graduation Seating Chart and Assignments

The graduation seating chart has been digitized this year.

Graduation Seating Chart 2017 (pdf)

Here is the graduation seating assignments.  Please find your name, then write down your seat card number on your folder!  

Seat card # Last Initial First Name Instrument
153 A. Sophia Violin 2
151 A. Zayne Violin 1
43 A. Preethi Violin 2
109 A. Walid Viola
112 B. Michelle Cello
1 B. Ryan Violin 1
57 B. Sara Violin 1
213 B. Daniel Bass
88 B. Bavhiat Violin 2
4 B. Grayson Violin 2
212 B. Joy Bass
145 B. Palin Viola
77 C. Kamille Viola
91 C. Shaday Violin 2
207 C. Meredith Bass
2 C. Michelle Violin 1
9 C. Richard Violin 1
3 C. Jenny Violin 2
25 C. Elisa Violin 2
33 C. Joshua Viola
155 C. Kayla Violin 2
20 D. Sidesh Cello
110 D. Ahsley Viola
55 D. Aidan Cello
34 E. Laura Viola
40 E. Kari Violin 1
107 F. Ammad Viola
208 F. Rese Bass
122 F. Angelica Violin 2
115 F. Tessa Violin 1
79 G. Amogh Viola
62 G. Deena Violin 2
120 G. Mattison Violin 2
182 G. Ryan Cello
60 G. Timothy Violin 1
41 G. Arjun Violin 2
22 H. Nik Violin 1
87 H. Natasha Violin 2
37 H. Jenny Violin 1
18 H. Kieren Viola
150 H. Elijah Violin 1
59 H. Nicole Violin 1
205 J. Louis Bass
183 J. Sophia Cello
14 J. Natahly Violin 2
116 J. Priya Violin 1
82 J. Jason Cello
38 J. Emily Violin 1
36 K. Pranav Cello
117 K. Younjae Violin 2
143 K. Junho Injured
44 K. Hannah Violin 2
6 K. Alan Viola
23 K. Ben Violin 1
181 K. Nathaniel Cello
85 K. Rashmi Violin 1
108 K. Joseph Viola
13 K. Mihir Violin 2
146 L. Faith Cello
147 L. Matthew Cello
21 L. Eileen Violin 1
152 L. Emily Violin 2
83 L. Viva Violin 1
81 M. Lindsay Cello
89 M. Ethan Violin 2
180 M. Jackie Cello
209 M. Alan Bass
10 M. Catherine Violin 1
114 M. Smarth Violin 1
7 M. Andrew Cello
78 N. Kianna Viola
211 N. Dylan Bass
35 O. Abigail Cello
111 O. Denise Cello
154 P. Kendall Violin 2
24 P. Varshita Violin 1
149 P. Roman Violin 1
210 P. Kaliq Bass
56 P. Sayana Cello
121 P. Pareesa Violin 2
144 P. Maxx Viola
113 P. Sarang Violin 1
64 R. Dhanya Violin 2
118 R. Manya Violin 2
42 R. Skye Violin 2
12 S. Anabella Violin 2
61 S. Natasha Violin 2
26 S. Ishita Violin 2
63 S. Tanya Violin 2
27 S. Amarna Violin 2
119 S. Nivetha Violin 2
54 S. Emma Viola
17 S. Annalea Viola
156 T. Chit Violin 2
123 U. Catherine Violin 2
39 V. Ida Violin 1
86 V. Tara Violin 1
8 W. Adam Cello
148 W. Derek Violin 1
90 W. Michaela Violin 2
19 W. Charleise Cello
53 W. Timothy Viola
206 W. Abayomi Bass
5 X. Kaci Viola
11 Y. Arman Violin 2
58 Z. Jessica Violin 1
80 Z. Nathan Viola
84 Z. Anna Violin 1

Summer opportunities for music study

Below are links for some summer music study…

Day Camps:

Overnight Camps: 


Camp organizers: If you have a camp you would like added to this list, please contact me.

Graduation Day Information

AHS Graduation Orchestra
THURSDAY May 25, 2017

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater,

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park

2200 Encore Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30009 (404) 733-5013

Thursday May 25th

12:45pm – Truck loads – Back of Auditorium FIRST (risers), then to the Band Room

1:45pm – Set-up Crew report to VWA stage

4:00pm – ALL MUSICIANS report to at VERIZON (if you drive, parking lot “C”); uncase instruments in designated area – go immediately to the stage and be seated and tuned by 4:15pm

4:15pm – CALL TIME

– Sound check and rehearse with engineers (orchestra tuned and already in place)

5:30pm – Choir Rehearses and does sound check

– strings, winds, percussion – go to instrumental musician’s backstage area – You may bring a snack

and a small beverage or go to concession during this time. Use the restroom before you return

to the stage at 6:30pm; no one can leave the stage during 2-hour graduation ceremony.

6:30pm – CALL to be on stage; final tuning before ceremony

6:50pm – “Throne Room and End Title” begins (Laux)

7:00pm – “Also Sprach Zarathustra” / “Pomp and Circumstance (Walsh) as Seniors enter, followed by the “Star

Spangled Banner” (Jenkins)

9:00pm (very approx.) – Graduates are played out of the amphitheater to “Millennium” (Laux)





• LEAVE MUSIC IN CLOSED FOLDERS ON CHAIR – LIBRARIANS WILL COLLECT. Pass clips to librarians, push stands down and turn tops over – help rack all music stands. CHORUS STUDENTS COLLAPSE RISERS and roll to the truck

• Those using school owned instruments are responsible for getting them back to the school Tuesday morning – or having them checked out in advance

• Leadership and loading crew (CHORUS, BAND & ORCHESTRA) – report to the AHS Band Building for unloading of Truck – WE WILL UNLOAD SCHOOL AFTER GRADUATION (percussion cannot stay in truck over weekend)

PARKING – REMEMBER to use LOT “C” – FROM AHS – west on Webb Bridge towards downtown Alpharetta, then left on Westside Pkwy (towards Avalon); RIGHT on Maxwell Rd, continue past Encore Pkwy, then turn immediate left into Lot C


LADIES – Nice dresses that cover knees when seated (lady cellist/bassists may wear nice dress pants and a blouse) CLOSED TOE DRESS SHOES ONLY– NO OPEN TOE SANDALS, NO TENNIS SHOES

GENTLEMEN – Dress pants, Button down shirt with collar and neck tie. Sports or suit jacket. Dress Shoes, absolutely NO TENNIS SHOES, TOP SIDERS, NO OPEN TOE SANDALS – and NO WHITE SOCKS!!!!!!

Please avoid bright colored clothing – performers should wear darker attire.


CASES – Tubas, cellos, string basses, baritones, tenor & bari-sax behind curtains Cases Closed and up against the wall. All other cases in the musician waiting area back stage.


Students should bring their own dinner, drink, and snacks.  The Verizon concessions will be open, but the items are pricey.


At no point should cell phones should not be out on stage. Please bring a book to read to pass any down time.


Remember, we are UNLOADING the truck IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING GRADUATION. Truck will be unloaded at Band Room first, then auditorium. ALL LEADERSHIP should plan to help.

2017-2018 Orchestra Leadership Team

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to serve on the AHS Orchestra leadership team! I look forward to their service and their direction!


Jenny Choi
Tara Varadarajan
Emma Svitil

Student Services


Sophia Abedi
Michaela Webb


Andrew Mulia
Michelle Cho


Catherine Uchegbu

Deena Ghiai

Mihir Kulkarni
Nivetha Sundaramurth

Sayanna Pillay
Adam Wang

Technology Information




Jason Juang
Kieren Holmquist


Mattison Givens

Bavitha Battipati

Aparna Subramaniam
Preethi Akula

Varshita Patakottu
Tessa Forzese

2017-2018 Orchestra Rosters

Congratulations to the following students for their placement in Concert, Philharmonia, Sinfonia, and Symphony Orchestra in the 2017-2018 school year.

AHS Concert Orchestra


Akcin, Amina
Bajpai, Vatsala
Brasseur, Alex
Camp, Morgan
Crawford, Kayla
Debrody, Austin
Gajula, Arjun
Givens, Mattison
Guerrero, Sebastian
Gunji, Shreya
Hogati, Amir
Jivangikar, Rohit
Kadam, Adhishree
Magiawala, Rishi
Massey, Oriana
Mhaskar, Avnee
Mittal, Arushi
Mizutani, Waka
Murillo, Alejandra
Noori, Naveed
Prabhu, Ashwin
Purbey, Saksham
Rosenberg, Porter
Seth, Shourya
Sharma, Gandharv
Smith, Alana
Uchegbu, Catherine


Amara, Sisira
Bralley, Lucia
Dimova, Anabel
Farooq, Ammad
Gangavarapu, Sidharth
Korosec, Joseph
McFarlin, Christopher
Tennebar, Peyton


Eastman, Edvina
Gonano, Ryan
Koehler, Nathaniel
Lee, Paul
Reddy, Sahan


Fralick, Alan
Griffin, Eisen
Jean-Guillaume, Louis

AHS Philharmonia Orchestra


Abedi, Sophia
Battipati, Bavitha
Biswas, Inesh
Canales Pilotzi, Shaday
Fernandez, Angelica
Garcia, Jakob
Ghiai, Deena
Gorrey, Vyuha
Joshi, Divya
Kanthi, Harish
Kpeglo, Senadzi
Liu, Rachel
Manchanda, Avya
Nanji, Dhilan
Nelson, Natalie
Ng, Mandy
Park, Seoyeon
Parker, Kendall
Pise, Rohan
Ravikrishnan, Dhanyashri
Ravikrishnan, Manyashri
Robinson, Skye
Ryu, Jennifer
Shon, Brian
Webb, Michaela


Caldwell, Kamille *
Duggasani, Samir
Nelson, Kianna*
Yoo, Joseph


Baker, Devyn
Leiva, Faith *
Mysore, Suraj
Weinstein, Sofia


Peters, Kaliq
Woolheater, Abayomi *

AHS Sinfonia Orchestra


Akrofi, Zayne
Akula, Preethi
Brown, Kendall
Corena, Elisa
Green, Timothy
Gujjula, Arjun
Havanur, Natasha
Hopper, Elijah
Jose-Maria, Nathaly
Joshi, Priya
Kim, Youngjae
Kinsey, Hannah
Kulkarni, Mihir
Long, Emily
Matthews, Ethan
Pirouzbakht, Pareesa
Santos, Anabella
Seletsky, Natasha
Sharma, Ishita
Sokil, Tanya
Subramaniam, Aparna
Sundaramurthy, Nivethaashri
Varadarajan, Tara


Awad, Walid
Crawford, Joshua
Gadekar, Amogh
Idichandy, Anna
Paikeday, Ava
Prince, Maxx
West, Timothy


Delahanty, Aidan
Kim, Junho
Machleit, Lindsay
Omene, Denice
Wemple, Charlsie


Chapple, Meredith
Felton, Reese


Plimpton, Zachary

AHS Symphony Orchestra


Baker, Ryan
Balian, Sara
Beck, Grayson
Cho, Erin
Cho, Michelle
Cho, Richard
Choi, Jenny
Das, Rohit
Forzese, Tessa
Havanur, Nikhil
Heo, Jenny
Hu, Nicole
Jung, Emily
Koehler, Benjamin
Kondur, Rashmi
Lee, Daniel
Liu, Eileen
Lung, Vivia
Mi, Catherine
Mishra, Samarth
Newhart, Violet
Patakottu, Varshita
Pepelyaev, Roman
Pujari, Sarang
Rodriguez, Arianna
Vaghefi, Ida
Wang, Derek
Yousefi, Arman
Zhang, Jessica
Zhu, Anna


Bhardwaj, Palin
Day, Ashley
Eblen, Kari
Eblen, Laura
Holmquist, Kieren
Ko, Alan
Svitil, Emma
Sweat, Annalea
Xie, Kaci
Zhu, Nathan


Bak, Michelle
Desai, Sidhesh
Johnson, Sophia
Juang, Jason
Kandikuppa, Pranav
Lin, Matthew
Mulia, Andrew
Pillay, Sayanna
Wang, Adam


Barket, Daniel
Best, Joy
McVay, Alan
Nguyen, Dylan


Barker, Olivia



  • Rosters are subject to change
  • Rosters are alphabetic by last name
  • Students must demonstrate that they can uphold their standing in their respective orchestra class both musically and behaviorally. If the student is not successful, the student may be removed from the orchestra or placed in a different orchestra class at the director’s discretion.

AHS Orchestras thrill audience!

Posted at,104920

The Alpharetta High School Orchestras played for a standing room only audience at their Spring “Pops” Concert on April 25th. Directed by Dr. Charles Laux more than 180 musicians thrilled an enthusiastic audience, starting with “De Blues” with improvisations by selected Philharmonia students. This piece was followed by the Jimi Hendix classic “Purple Haze” featuring a solo guitar riff by Philip Mantchev. Two accomplished seniors then performed, Alexis Forrest (piano) with a work by Schubert and Kelsey Johnson (viola) with piano accompaniment by Alexis Forrest on “Elegy” by Alexander Glazunov.

The Sinfonia Orchestra excelled with John Williams’ “March of the Resistance” from “Star Wars”. The audience was then brought to its feet with Dr. Laux’ arrangement for Orchestra of Guns ‘N Roses’ classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Senior performances followed by Andrew Denis on cello with a superb interpretation of Faure’s “Elegie, Op. 24” and a charismatic rendition by Sitara Mysore on violin of Vieuxtemps’ “Concerto No.4”. These two pieces were interspersed by a vibrant and contemporary “My Shot” from the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” by Evan McVay – the audience loved it!

Taking the spotlight for the evening’s much anticipated performance by Alpharetta’s Symphony Orchestra with “Front Jam” (mandolin accompaniment by Dr. Laux, the familiar “Carmen Suite No. 1” including “Toreador Song”, and (as described by Dr. Laux) a “crazy hard” “Suite for Orchestra” from the classic film “Back to the Future”. These three pieces simply overwhelmed the fortunate audience as they rose to their feet with a standing ovation recognizing the hard work, talent and superb musical accomplishment of Alpharetta High School’s Symphony Orchestra.

But as all good things must come to an end, the combined Orchestras – some on stage, some standing throughout the venue – once again brought the audience to their feet with continuous and enthusiastic applause and cheers with their signature performance of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, concluding an evening of wonderful performances, brilliantly performed by the talented musicians of the AHS Orchestras and featured soloists under the direction of their instructor, Dr. Charles Laux.

Article written by Ed Svitil, AHSOA Publicity Chair

AHSO Newsletter, 04-26-2017

Spring Concert Wrap-Up

Words can hardly express my feelings for our Spring Pops concert this week. Every orchestra performed extremely well, and I am very proud of all of the students. I was impressed with the level of improvement of each orchestra over the course of this school year – remarkable!

Seniors – your solo performances were outstanding!  I hope it was the experience you were expecting.  We will miss you all next year!

Special thanks to the AHSOA Board for their work in setting up the fabulous student dinner and Concert Cafe.  Also, many thanks to all the parents who donated items to sell.

It has been a fantastic year indeed!

Photo & Video Media Needed!

Parents — if you captured photos or videos, please share them with me via Google Drive, Dropbox, or other means. I would like to have a collection of media to use for promotional purposes and for our photo slide show.

You can share them with me at

Special Guest

On Monday, May 1 the AHSO will host a presentation by Emily Dixon from Beau Vinci Violins.  Ms. Dixon will discuss instrument construction, choosing the right instrument and bow, and will have some samples available for students to try out.

AHS Graduation Ceremony

We will start music for the AHS Graduation Ceremony next week! Here are the titles we will be performing:

  • Strauss: Also Sprach Zarahustra
  • Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance, March #1 (excerpt)
  • Smith: Star Spangled Banner
  • Meyer: Millennium
  • Williams: Star Wars – Throne Room & End Title

The graduation ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 25 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.  Details will be forthcoming…

AHSO Newsletter, 04-21-17

NOTE: Parents and students, due to county-wide technical difficulties with the internet  last Friday, this email newsletter did not send as it was supposed to.  My sincerest apologies for the late note. 🙁

The Spring Concert is Here!

I’m so excited for our final concert of the year!  Our Spring “Pops” Concert will be on Tuesday, April 25 at 7:00 PM.  Each of the orchestras will  be featured, along with some senior soloists, and the annual Pirates of the Caribbean grand finale.

Students opting to eat dinner with us should arrive at 5:15 PM and report to the cafeteria.  After dinner, students will have time to change into their concert uniform.

I think impressed with what you hear and will enjoy the selections we have prepared!

Orchestra Awards Banquet Tickets

The annual AHS Orchestra awards banquet will be held on Sunday, May 7 at 5:00 PM.  This year, we will feature a buffet-style dinner along with our awards ceremony. The banquet will be held at the Marriott Hotel at 5750 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30005. Attire is Semi-formal.  The cost is $31 per person, and all checks should be made payable to AHSOA.

You must RSVP for this event by turning in the form with your payment in the orchestra lockbox no later than Friday, April 28, 2017. Please contact Mrs. McVay with questions.

2017 Awards Banquet flyer

AHS Graduation

The AHS Graduation is on Thursday, May 25.  Please mark your calendars, because every orchestra student is required to play at graduation. This performance will count as the student’s final examination grade.  Details will be forthcoming.