Sinfonia Self-Assessment 11/11/16

For this assignment you will listen to the attached audio file then write a MINIMUM of three sentences to self-assess the orchestra’s performance.  Please consider the playing of correct notes/rests, tone,

intonation, beat, rhythms, articulation, phrasing, dynamics, and more. When you listen, have your music out and take some notes.

  1. Please be specific.  (A comment such as “We were good” is not specific and will not count.)
  2. Include specific measure numbers when referencing sections of the music. If you have suggestions that might help the orchestra improve, please also include those.
  3. Please comment using your first name and last initial.  (Do not include your full last name!) Your comments will be moderated, so Dr. Laux will have to approve them before they will go live on the website.

This assignment will be counted as a homework grade.

Here is the audio:

29 thoughts on “Sinfonia Self-Assessment 11/11/16”

  1. Beginning was a bit messy (measure 1)
    Cellos started to rush at beginning of piece but fixed it soon after.
    Some notes (first violin) broke intonation and dynamics.
    Violas were sometimes not audible.
    Pizz. was off on some notes (section was not together)
    Ending was great

  2. Intonation on the first chord can be improved.
    First violins are covered/outplayed by lower strings.
    Rhythmically very precise.

  3. 1. The staccato eight notes are rushed during the second and the first violin section’s entrance.
    2. The dynamics at measure 75 are not balanced. For example, the first violins are supposed to be double forte but they are quieter than the seconds.
    3. Measure 102-125 is not united within each sections.

    1. For the first song, the violas are almost in audible in some parts. But once the melody comes in some of the cello melody was out of tune. Overall for the piece notes were blended together well, and violins didn’t have many out of tune notes. For the bass part, some of there parts I couldn’t hear.

  4. 1. In the first measure everyone could have did a lighter bow because it made the notes sound out of tune. Violas and cellos could have been more together and need to watch intonation.
    2. Second violins came in nicely at measure twenty-seven. Violas did very well on their melody, they sound powerful.
    3. First violins need to play mezzo piano because they sound forte at measure forty-five, but they came in very nicely at measure fifty-one.

  5. 1. The cut offs after the first note (measures 1 and 2) as well as the last note (measures 153-155) were a little sloppy because we were not together.

    2. At measure 43 the sections that have pp marked need to get quiet faster and immediately instead of halfway through measure 44.

    3. Although it is double forte, at measure 75, first violins need to come out more and second violins need to not overpower them.

    4. Going in to measure 120 the transition needs to be smoother.

  6. 1. The start is good but still seems a bit muffled. It could be cleaner and clearer.
    2. From 75 to 102 the dynamics need to be worked on. Often it was hard to hear some of the violin parts. The bass, cello, and viola may need to play a bit softer (even thought it says fortissimo) or have the violins play louder.
    3. 102 to 125 is very messy. A lot of the parts are not together. The group needs to work at counting as a whole. The viola’s have a part with a lot of accidentals that need to be looked over.

  7. The very first measure, the whole orchestra plays a chord, but it is not in tune or smooth. We should work on coming in smoothly and playing in tune with each other without having to find the note. Also, when the violins come in, they are not together with the rest of the orchestra, and the second violins are not when they come in either. Also, when the violins play notes in the upper octave later in the piece, they don’t match the tone of the lower instruments. Also, to have a more musical effect, we should focus more on dynamics and making the piece sound smooth.

  8. I heard a few intonation problems in the cello section when they had the main melody. When the first violins had their melody at measure 75, I could mainly hear the second violins and the cellos playing when first violins were supposed to be louder than them. There were also intonation problems at 75 in the first violin section. During the part where the second violins had all the triplets to play, it started out okay but later I could sort of hear the first violins melody and the cello’s pizzicato but everything else sort of sounded all mushed together.

  9. 1. The cellos in the very beginning, as well as the violas are not very well in tune.
    2. The second violins in measure 27 are rushing a little
    3. The first violins in measure 51 are quieter than everyone else
    4. The second violins could be better in tune during measures 51-75
    5. In measure 75, not everyone is together
    6. At measure 102, the second violins are very out of tune with their triplets and the first violins are very quiet
    7. Cellos and Violas are out of tune in measures 120-124
    8. The ending is together, but the second violins could maybe back off a little on the dynamics

  10. 1. At certain points in the piece I feel as if the cellos/basses came in too late when entering with their parts (i.e. a little bit in measures 3-26 for the cellos and 27-49 for the basses).
    2. At some points in measures 27-49 the basses did not have correct pitch with certain notes, like g# and c natural.
    3. Dynamics are great for the whole orchestra at measure 43 to me.
    4. I can’t tell exactly when, but I feel as if the tempo was rushed. I think it was around measure 75.

  11. -violas need to play louder/cellos need to play softer at the beginning
    -not in tune enough
    -note gets quieter at the end of long slurs
    -102+ is not together

  12. Intonation was exceptional between measures 75-78 for violas.
    I think the ending needs to be re modified because it doesn’t flow well.
    I like the other sections triplets.

  13. The ending sound very awkward. It doesn’t sound like it’s together.
    The first violins’ entrance sounds very rich and it flows nicely.
    I don’t here that much string bass.

  14. Bass’s rhythm is off, counting sounds off around 75-98.
    Sounds like people forgot about the key change at 125 and kept playing in A Major.
    Ending sounded a little rough, counting got off track around 149.

  15. I thought that we played together and in sync relatively well, I feel as if we should fix Intibwtion and after fixing intonation, especially the accidentals, try to incorporate in the dynamics of the piece for a more dynamic tone to the piece.

  16. – the 1st cello melody is strained and out of tune (flat)
    – the second violins at the start of the violin melody are strong and at an appropriate volume
    – the part where all the instruments come in for the theme and its accompaniment for the first time is strained

  17. 1. Lower strings for Bass could have better intonation. (G#,G natural, C)

    2. 27 is played fairly quiet by the basses, but need better intonation with G# on both E and G strings. String crossings can also be improved to make less noise

    3. 75-94 basses could play louder. Other sections dominate and over power.

  18. The first note of the piece was out of tune, and the quick crescendo wasn’t followed as much as it should have been.
    The cellos weren’t together in some places of their melody starting at measure 27. They also had some intonation issues.
    The first violin melody at measure 75 is too quiet; you can barely hear them.
    At measure 102 the second violins weren’t playing together.

  19. 1. The dynamics on the first note are not exaggerated enough.

    2. The eighth notes are rushed in every section. This is more prevalent in the violin entrance, when it causes the whole orchestra to rush.

    3. Intonation needs to improve, especially in the repetitive sections to allow the piece to sound more consistent.

  20. Through measures 1-27 the violas need to play louder. The cellos are also playing too loud and their intonation is off. At some part the cellos seem to play really loud and that drowns out the melody out the piece( measures 51-75). The triplets were rushed and out of tune through measures 75-102. The violins played pretty well throughout. The violas need to play louder and in tune. The intonation of the orchestra seems off at 102 to the end.

  21. When cellos and violas started to play it was very out of tune. Cello melody was out of tune. 2nd violins started off nice at measure 54. 1st violins out of tune on the melody. 75 seems rushed. At 75 and on 2nd violins are rushing. Good dynamics at the end. Solo players out of tune at the end. Ending was nice. Overall intonation throughout the whole piece was very poor. Dynamics though we’re pretty good especially at the very end was nice. However we can improve more on that. The part of the piece that we need to work on the most is 75. That section does not sound together at all.

  22. Sorry, I don’t have my music with me right now so I can’t get specific measure numbers.
    1. The very beginning note is off. We didn’t start together and it sounded weak. We really need to find our note before we play so it is all on tune. Also, we need to breathe so we begin at the same time. If we all did this then the very beginning would strengthen the entire piece.
    2. At time 1:45, when the seconds first come in (or maybe its the firsts, whichever group sits in the seconds spot for this piece) they are not in tune for the most part. We could really work on this part.
    3. When the seconds (or firsts) play the really high parts, they are focusing too much on their own notes which causes them to not listen to each other and not play together.

    Overall this piece needs a lot of work but I think we can make it if we practice.

  23. 1. From measure 34 to 44, the second violins started getting faster and faster.
    2. Measures 56 and 57 are out of tune because the D sharp in measure 56, the D natural in measure 57, and the E and F notes after that were out of tune in the second violin section.
    3. None of the instruments became quieter at the dim. at measure 91.
    4. The second violins were not playing measures 102 to 121 together, and the other sections were not together with each other either.
    5. The pizz. for the two players at measures 136 and 144 were not together and did not properly create a harmony with the other sections.

  24. Violins have good accents and dynamic ranges throughout the entire piece; it gives good variation throughout the song.

    Violins are out of tune when they get into the higher octaves, like in measure 76. We need to practice that more and maybe do more exercises in the upper octaves.

    The cellos are playing really well, but when they are exposed in the beginning, they are out of tune in some spots.

  25. 1) Measures 55 to 66 should be played in piano and at measure 67 it needs to be forte.
    2) The triplets at 102 for second violins are not played correctly and it’s not in tune.
    3) The ending is not played together.

  26. The crescendo at measure one could be a little more louder to soft rather than putting an immediate accent on the first note of the measure. The violins could do a better job as staying together as a section because some people use different bowings from others. To make the section look more together it would be better if were to decide on certain bowings for everyone. The first violins could be louder at measure 75 when they have the melody, but instead the other sections are overpowering the first violin section. The measures of triplets for the second violins could be more well balanced and also softer while being balanced. The timing for the triplets is also off because the second violins start to slow down while the measures of triplets start. There could be a better faded out ending. Orchestra is very good at correcting notes that are out of tune.

  27. From measures 2-27, cellos and violas need to be quieter
    27-75 cellos weren’t in tune the whole time
    Whole orchestra needs to have more of a crescendo from measures 51-67.
    Good crescendos 102-125
    Whole orchestra should fade out more the last 3 measures

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